What We Do

  • Performance Management
  • Business Improvement Projects
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 9000 Implementation, Auditing, Training, Coaching
  • Management System Design ISO 9001 and Beyond
  • ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 18001:2007 BS OHSAS Occupational Health and Safety
  • Strategic Planning
  • Lean Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You write Business Continuity Plans or Contingency plans as part of the systems you prepare?

Usually yes. Some companies prefer their own staff to prepare the plans and for us to audit them.

What are your charges?

We like to carry out a free short survey by phone or at your site to find out your needs, agree the requirements and build a programme to deliver which fits your timescale and budget.

Can you take the place of a Quality Assurance Manager?

In some cases yes — usually on a part time basis. This can save the salary and overheads of a full time manager. In some instances we can help you to find the right person or define the job description that fits your needs.

What is the quickest time taken to reach certification?

It can be done in about three months. But assessors need to see that the Client Company is producing consistently good results and is seeking to further improve its goods and services. For that reason we prefer to work alongside the client and to design a programme that suits their needs. Their attitude and drive to improve is all important. Changes often need to be embedded first to act as a spring board to achieve the next level of improvement.

Which Company do you recommend as an Assessment Body for Certification?

It depends on the needs of the clients. We only recommend UKAS accredited Certification Bodies. If cost is an issue we will recommend the nearest to our client. If specialist knowledge of an industry or geographical area is required we will check with the Certification Bodies and UKAS the UK Accreditation Service to find a suitable assessor.

What sort of success rate do your clients achieve?

If the client carries out the programme of work we recommend it is 100%

Do you sit in on Certification Body Assessments?


It is often useful to have a prompt or to have someone who can quickly draft a procedure which reflects what the customer is doing to satisfy the requirements of the standard.

Do you provide support for Management Reviews?


We will provide experienced Managers who are qualified Lead Assessors to act as Chairman or Secretary to the meetings

Do you train managers and staff in the systems you provide?


We design courses to suit the needs of the client — training on site or at a convenient location close to the customer.

Do you carry out internal audits for clients?


We provide the documentation or use the client’s system

Do you use flowcharting to illustrate processes?


We use ranges of software to suit our clients’ requirements

Do you prepare Human Relations policies and Procedures?


We have simple templates and links to HR specialist companies for complex issues

Can you write Quality Policies and Environmental Policies?


You tell us what you do and we will draft material